About Us

Short Story

About your mobile car wash

we provide you with basic wash and full WASH, exterior and interior wash..we use quality products so that your vehicle remains scratch free . We use steam to clean interior and exterior of the car. This technology is very safe since steam has cleaning and deodorizing effect which is also environmentally friendly. A vehicle’s wax layer is not removed during steam process. Steam wash technology kills bacteria, mites, and bad odor and less chemicals can be used for allergic patients  

Your mobile Car Wash is unique in that we are a “Flex” service car wash. What that means to you is that we are the only car wash you will ever need. 

Why Choose Us

Following are some of the reasons that will motivate you to bring your car to us

- 01
Eco Friendly

Our steam cleaning services are very ECO friendly as well as costumer friendly. it is extremely helpful for people having allergic issues with chemicals…  

- 02
exterior clean

we clean your car with extreme caution so that we can provide you scratch free services

- 03
steam Wash

steam wash technology is one of the best out there.. it is cleaning and deodorizing as well

- 04
Interior Clean

we provide the best scratch free interior clean for you